Painting finished!!

I finished quite ambitious painting of Fuji mountain. It’s for sale. Acrylic painting on canvas 60x40cm or 24×16″ The inspiration came from great YouTube artist Acrylics Paintings Techniques

City Gesture

I love gesture drawing. We all know well that everything has a gesture. Fruit, flower, landscape, animal, alien and human. Finding a good gesture makes good drawing. Also, we all know that when drawing a human figure it’s good to make a dynamic and exaggerated gesture. But, what about landscape? I prepare to paint a…

Great drawing resources

My adventure began with two YouTube personalities. Kind people who encouraged me to overcome fear: Lineke Lijn and Alphonso Dunn. I created a playlist on YouTube with basic lessons from them, feel free to explore all their lessons.

Short why?

I could never draw. When I was a kid I was throwing my crayons out of the window. I was reading and playing chess and learning mathematics. I created this blog to help people who are afraid of drawing or painting. It’s possible. In fact it’s quite easy. You just have to start. Join me…